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Flintlocks NON-FIRING Replicas

Black Powder Revolver $69.95

The Black Powder "Revolver" was an early manufacturer’s effort to get more than one shot out of a single gun. There were three barrels, each primed and loaded. After one was fired the entire barrel and breach was twisted and locked into place, a “salt dog’s” dream come true. Non-firing reproduction.

  • Overall: 11-1/2"
  • Wt: 2 lbs/12 oz

Napoleonic Double Barrel $89.95

This is an exact replica of the intimidating 1806 Gribeauval from Napoleon’s private collection. This massive double barrel flintlock is a must for collectors and is an attractive display piece. Hand carved, real wood stock and solid, cast metal parts. Features moving parts, but is non-firing. 

  • Overall: 14"
  • Wt: 3 lbs

Milady's Pistol $29.00

Direct from the most recent Three Musketeers film comes this wonderful non-firing reproduction of Milady de Winter’s pistol. Flintlock in design, this all-metal gun has an antique brass finish, moving parts, working trigger with faux ivory engraved grips.

  • Overall: 6"
  • Wt: 14 oz

Fully Functional Black Powder 

Captain Jack’s Trading Co. has access to over 40 styles of fully functional Black Powder Pistols, Blunderbuss, and Carbines. 

Our most Popular are listed below. Due to demand and under manufacturing Capt Jack’s never has Flintlocks on hand. All orders placed are pre order and wait time averages 4-8 weeks. If you are interested in particular models and availability update please drop us a line at: 

Doglock Blunderbuss $550. 

Dutch Blunderbuss (Steel Barrel) $575. 

Dutch Blunderbuss (Brass Barrel) $595. 

Ship’s Carbine $525. 

British Heavy Dragoon Pistol $399. 

British Elliot Light Dragoon Pistol $399. 

British 1756 Sea Service Pistol $375. 

Ketland Trade Flintlock Pistol $375. 

Double Barrel Flintlock Pistol $499. 

French 1733 Flintlock Pistol $375. 

1773 French Flintlock Pistol $375. 

Germanic Dragoon Flintlock Pistol $375. 

Scottish Murdoch Flintlock Pistol $375. 

Royal Highland Regimental Flintlock Pistol $375.

English Doglock Pistol $395. 

Shipping is $25. Pistol / $30. Blunderbuss or Carbine