Captain Jack's Trading Co.

Handcrafted Pirate Props, Replicas, Weapons & Leathr Work

Accoutrements for Pirates: 

Golden Age Pirates, Steam-Pirates, Post Apocalyptic Pirates & Sea Wolves.

At Captain Jack's Trading Company we pride ourselves on creating the most authentic, unique, handcrafted Pirate props, replicas and weapons for Pirate enthusiasts, re-enactors, LARPERS, gamers, cosplayers and for the use in professional photography, stage, film and theme parks.

Please contact Pirate Artisan Jeff MacKay for commissions via E-mail at

Golden Age Pirates

Steam Pirates

Post Apocalyps Pirates  

- Goggles - Gloves - Masks - Accessories - Clothing - Weapons - Commission Work

Sea Wolves

- Shields - Edged Weapons - Custom Leather Work - Commission Work 


Custom prop replicas for Re-enactors - Cosplay - Photographers - Stage - Print - Film - Underwater -Haunts - Museums -Theme Parks - Runway - Commission Work

Jeff is a Master Milliner, Leatherworker, Designer and Prop Builder. With a Master of Arts Degree, Jeff has a broad knowledge of history and a critical eye for authenticity and period correct details. He specializes in custom prop replica weapons, flags, leather work, pirate hats, skulls & bones and can be commissioned for other work. 

Edged Weapons

Replica Weapons

Wood Work

Leather Work

Custom Flags

Skulls, Bones

Authentic Pirate Hats


Professional Haunt Props

Our props and costumes have been featured in: Major Motion Pictures, Television (Disney), Stage, Museums (The Smithsonian & Colonial Williamsburg), Theme Parks (Disney & Evermore Park), Fashion Magazines (Harper's Bizzar), Print, Professional Haunts and on the runway. 

To learn more about our Design background and to see our portfolio please visit The MacKay Pirate Family website.